War of Ages PDF is out!

War of Ages PDF is out!

Posted by Silja on 2nd May 2023

By Night Studios is excited to release the newest member of our family, War of Ages written by Juhana Pettersson in PDF form. In War of Ages, not only are you introduced to new concepts to heighten your live action experience, but also, we expand on the presence of the Ashirra, the Camarilla’s newest (and enigmatic) members. This book is packed full of helpful material for both players and storytellers alike to help create, expand and enhance your chronicle - everything from city building to blockbuster event creation.

A message from our CEO, Daphne R:

“I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to help make this long anticipated release happen. Without your support, patience and your shared love of our hobby, this labor of love would not have been possible. To everyone who backed War of Ages and who continued to push us to make sure this product was the best it could be, thank you! You make this worth every moment.”

Thank you to Juhana for all of the countless hours put into writing and making this product happen. Thank you to every editor, artist, layout artist, and staff who worked hard to produce War of Ages. Thank you to Ryan Autrey and Elise H for their work with the WoA Kickstarter and helping to get this project up and running. Most importantly, thank you to each of you who stood with us and supported us.

So where are we now? The PDF is released and the physical book is on its way to the printers. Our timeline below is an estimate and is based on current projections for production and shipping:

Book Print - 30-40 days

Shipping to distribution location: 40-50 days (approximately)

Packaging: 10-15 business days

Shipping to you - 5-7 business days (+potential international shipping time)

Keep your eyes on this page as we continue to update you on the progress of the physical book (which can still be pre-ordered here) as we finish up the final product and get that in your hands!